American Diabetes Association: Compelling Infographic

Posted by Amanda Hehr

The American Diabetes Association blasted out a very impactful infographic yesterday to help promote their interactive Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment Test to commemorate the ADA Alert Day. The American Diabetes Association Alert Day on Tuesday, March 27th served as a wake-up call urging the public to take an online diabetes risk assessment, available in English and in Spanish. "Many times people could have diabetes and have no symptoms; however, as it starts to progress you can become more symptomatic," ADA spokeswoman Dr. Virginia Smith said.

ADA Type 2 Diabetes Testing Campaign

We think that the infographic, that illustrates the staggering impact diabetes has on the country EVERY DAY, is very powerful. Further, the risk assessment test that the ADA published through their Facebook page takes only seconds to complete and offers a quick snapshot of your risk level for developing type 2 diabetes. What's your number? Over 79 million Americans have prediabetes... We think the disease should be on all of our radars!


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