Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention: Best Practices

Posted by Amanda Hehr

Dr. Perry Mayer is the principal at The Mayer Institute (TMI) in Hamilton, Ontario. TMI is one of Canada's preeminent Preventative Diabetic Foot Care, Advanced Wound Care and Diabetes Education clinics. Dr. Mayer and his team are strongly committed to advancing technologies and prevention practices in the area of diabetic foot care, and Orpyx is thrilled to have him as a valued member of our Medical and Technical Advisory Board.

Dr. Mayer enthusiastically agreed when we asked him to provide us with a brief podcast to identify diabetic foot care best practices, most notably, how to prevent the development of diabetic foot ulcers. Diabetic foot ulcers, caused by peripheral neuropathy, are one of the most devastating complications of diabetes mellitus. Over 90,000 lower extremity amputations are performed annually in the US alone as a direct result of diabetic peripheral neuropathy; 80% of diabetes-related amputations can be prevented by following current best practices in home and clinical settings.


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