Viva Innovation!

Posted by Amanda Hehr

The Royal Society of MedicineDr. Everett has just been confirmed as a speaker at the upcoming 2013 Medical Innovations Summit in London, England. The Summit is an annual event hosted by The Royal Society of Medicine, and offers a range of extraordinary presentations with speakers from the UK and overseas. The day-long programme promises to provide a snapshot of amazing medical innovations and advancements taking place all over the globe.

A few speakers that caught our attention include a 15 year old Baltimore student who invented a test for pancreatic cancer which is 168 times faster and cheaper than the gold standard in the field, a professor of neurology from UCLA who developed a patch to treat epilepsy during sleeping hours that has seen a 40%-70% reduction in symptoms to date, and the world's first medical smartphone, 'The LifeWatch V', that offers multiple medical tests.

Although we are intensely focused on developing our suite of wearable, sensor-based technology, attending events such as the Medical Innovations Summit provide such a refreshing perspective on what thought-provoking solutions are being brought to life in other parts of the world. We're thrilled to be a part of this event and are very much looking forward to celebrating all things new.

Viva Innovation!


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