April is Limb Loss Awareness Month!

Posted by Stephanie Zakala

Did you know that every 20 seconds a limb is lost due to diabetes? At Orpyx, we have made it our mission to help change this reality through wearable, sensor-based technologies.  We are excited to see that others are answering the call and striving to improve the livelihoods of people with diabetes.  Last month, at the Global Diabetic Foot Conference (DFCon), Dr. David Armstrong, through his enlightening talk on “Regifting the Gift of Pain: How Modern Technology Can Prevent Neuropathic Ulcers and Amputations”, highlighted the advantages of the wearable technology revolution that is upon us. We are now better equipped...
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Quantified Self Movement, Meet Healthcare

Posted by Breanne Everett

It’s been five years since Wired editors coined the term “quantified self”, and it’s becoming clear that the trend is starting to catch on with consumers in applications outside of the realm of athletics. For those unfamiliar with the concept of quantified self (QS), it refers to the habit of using technology to acquire data about your daily life in terms of outputs, stats and performance. Over the past half decade, QS-based products have begun to typify consumer life; mobile apps and bodily affixed technologies have enabled people to track how fast they run, how many hours they sleep, and...
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