April is Limb Loss Awareness Month!

Posted by Stephanie Zakala

Did you know that every 20 seconds a limb is lost due to diabetes? At Orpyx, we have made it our mission to help change this reality through wearable, sensor-based technologies.  We are excited to see that others are answering the call and striving to improve the livelihoods of people with diabetes.  Last month, at the Global Diabetic Foot Conference (DFCon), Dr. David Armstrong, through his enlightening talk on “Regifting the Gift of Pain: How Modern Technology Can Prevent Neuropathic Ulcers and Amputations”, highlighted the advantages of the wearable technology revolution that is upon us. We are now better equipped...
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DIY Healthcare

Posted by Amanda Hehr

Athletes have been doing it for years… Measuring their biometric data in order to improve performance, meet personal goals and help prevent injury. Self-monitoring athletic devices don't negate the need for the professional advice of a coach or therapist, however, they do allow athletes to take a more informed and proactive approach to their sport of choice. One of the biggest trends to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year was 'The Quantified Self'. Consumers are quite simply obsessed with measuring their personal data.  This trend is quickly moving into the medical space, especially since...
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