New clinical trial provides further evidence of the SurroSense Rx® effectiveness of protecting people with diabetes from foot ulcers

Berlin, Germany, October 1, 2018  – The latest clinical trial by an award-winning research group out of Manchester Metropolitan University demonstrates that people with diabetes can reduce the risk of developing foot ulcers by more than 70 per cent using the SurroSense Rx intelligent shoe insoles that send alerts to a smartwatch notifying the device user when the pressure on a particular region of their foot gets outside a healthy range. The SurroSense Rx system, developed by Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc., is an FDA-cleared technology and commercially available for foot ulcer prevention to physicians across North America.

Researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University used the SurroSense Rx system over an 18-month study with clinical trial participants with diabetes who had previously suffered from a diabetic foot ulcer. The researchers found that the SurroSense Rx system reduced the incidence of foot ulcers by detecting and alerting people when there is dangerous pressure on the bottom of their feet – which can lead to foot ulcers. Nerve damage to the feet is a common complication of diabetes inhibiting normal detection of foot health risks by people with diabetes.

Led by Neil Reeves, Professor of Musculoskeletal Biomechanics, the research team at Manchester Metropolitan University equipped trial participants with shoe inserts that use ultra-thin sensors to monitor the amount of pressure applied under foot throughout the entire day. Whenever the sensors detected that a trial participant’s pressure levels were dangerously high, an alert was transmitted wirelessly to the person’s smartwatch. Trial participants could use the information to change their behaviour and immediately offload pressure, thereby avoiding harmful damage to their feet.

Manchester Metropolitan University will be presenting their findings at EASD (European Association for the Study of Diabetes) Annual Meeting at the Messe Berlin Exhibition Halls in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany on October 2, 2018. The results of the trial will be presented during Session 02 – OP 02 Foot Prints titled “Novel plantar pressure-sensing smart insoles reduce foot ulcer incidence in “high risk” diabetic patients: a longitudinal study.” Please click here for session details.

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