Orpyx Awarded Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Contract

SurroSense Rx® now available on FSS through Academy Medical, LLC

Calgary, AB, Canada, April 2, 2018  – Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. announced today that the National Acquisition Center of the Department of Veterans Affairs has awarded the company a Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contract available through Academy Medical, LLC (contract number 36F79718D0372), effective April 1, 2018. The awarding of this contract will provide all U.S. federal medical providers, including those operated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DoD) and Indian Health Services (IHS), easy access to SurroSense Rx system.

Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. is the global leader in sensor-based advanced wound care products. The company has been predominantly focused in developing applications for the prevention, mitigation and management of diabetic foot ulcers and the company’s flagship product, the SurroSense Rx system, is the only commercially available one of its kind.

“We’re honored to be awarded this FSS contract,” said Dr. Breanne Everett, co-founder and CEO of Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. “This is further validation of the SurroSense Rx system and Orpyx’s vision to save limbs, save lives and save money for those who bear the cost of managing diabetes.”

The SurroSense Rx system is worn by the patient in the shoe, and a proprietary smartwatch provides real-time alerts when dangerous levels of pressure threaten to cause permanent damage to the patient’s tissue, thereby allowing him or her to offload that pressure proactively and avoid the development of pressure ulcers, and ultimately amputations. Additionally, data is uploaded to the cloud where patients, as well as practitioners and payers, can track and manage their condition over time.

About Academy Medical, LLC
Academy Medical was founded in 2002 by two Naval Academy graduates, and its name pays homage to the founders’ Alma Mater, where they met in 1988. The company’s beginnings date back to Gainesville, FL in 1999 when the original owners saw the opportunity to transition from their current roles at large medical companies. Wanting their contributions to make an impact, they aspired to be able to provide impeccable service to surgeons, and contribute to the overall care provided to patients. After encouragement from local surgeons, they began servicing the medical community in Gainesville and Crystal River for a start-up orthopedic company based in Salt Lake City: Ortho Development.

In 2010, Academy Medical took their proven civilian success as a medical distributorship and returned to their roots: the military. Focusing on the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD), Academy Medical is now a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with a nationwide distribution, and has become the largest provider of allograft tissue on the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS).

About Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.
Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. (“Orpyx”) is a wearable pressure sensor technology company focused on medical applications. Orpyx’s primary intention is to address the world’s growing epidemic of diabetes and its associated complications, most notably, peripheral neuropathy, which leads to lack of circulation, numbness, or loss of protective sensation, in the feet. This problem leads to the development of foot ulcers which can ultimately lead to amputation and death infection and ulcers in the feet, also known as peripheral neuropathy. Additionally, this problem affects upwards of 60% of diabetics over the course of their disease and costs the North American health care system over $16.4 billion annually.

For more information, please contact:
Chan Mean
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