Orpyx Launches LogR™ Gen 2 Plantar Pressure System

Enhancements brings powerful new features to real-time data collection

Calgary, AB, Canada, May 1, 2018  – Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. today announced the launch of a product – Orpyx LogR™ Gen 2 Plantar Pressure System. Using feedback from customers and users, the LogR has been enhanced with new features including:

  • 37 sensing elements per side
  • Ultra-thin 1.27 mm replaceable insert
  • Analysis tools: COP, GCT, Step Count, GRF (CSV)
  • Real-time synchronization
  • 9-axis IMU + 200G Accelerometer
  • Sample rate of 256Hz

In addition to the enhancements mentioned above we have also added several features to our cloud software that greatly improve data handling and visualization.

About Orpyx LogR™ Gen 2 Plantar Pressure System
The Orpyx LogR™ is a clinical grade plantar pressure measurement solution, making data collection outside the lab simpler and faster without compromising data quality. With 37 pressure sensors and a 9-axis IMU sampled at a frequency of 256Hz, LogR sets a high standard for data quality. The LogR inserts are light and low profile making it comfortable to wear and perfect for real world monitoring while high durability allows them to be reusable. The LogR mobile app functions as the remote to start/end recording sessions while providing real-time sensor feedback. Data is uploaded to a modern cloud-based data management solution, allowing users to access data for post processing and analysis from anywhere. The cloud software includes several valuable visualization tools, such as event markers and path of center of pressure, making it easier for users to start analyzing the data.

About Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.
One of the fastest growing trends in consumer electronics is wearable technology, which provides enormous capabilities and opportunities in the healthcare space. There has been exponential growth in wearable technologies over the past decade, but very little meaningful data is being produced. What if wearables could change lives?

Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. (“Orpyx®”) is the global leader in mobile plantar pressure and IMU sensing technology, and related data analytics and machine learning. At Orpyx, our guiding philosophy is to use sensor-based technologies to measure the “kinesome” – a body of movement data, collected from various wearable sensors, which can be used to deduce insights about an individual’s activity and their health status over time. These insights can be used for real-time feedback, behavioral change, coaching, establishment of baseline fitness, and identification of changes in health and fitness status over time.

For more information, please contact:
Chan Mean
Marketing Manager, Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.
+1 403 460 0216 ext. 501