Orpyx LogR™ to be used to investigate markers for cardiovascular disease

Clinical study to begin in 2016

Calgary, AB, Canada, January 11, 2016 – Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. today announced a clinical trial agreement with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. The study will use the Orpyx LogR plantar pressure research system to measure gait and balance parameters in a variety of patients with cardiac and vascular disorders in an attempt to correlate global musculoskeletal changes (as represented by balance/foot pressure physiology) to discrete subsets of cardiovascular disease.

The Orpyx LogR is a solution designed for the accurate, efficient, and real-time measurement of foot and plantar pressure analysis. Comprised of sensor embedded inserts, iOS application and cloud based software for data storage and management, this system is used by researchers to assess foot and ankle health and performance for a variety of different applications including: gait and balance assessments, posture research, rehabilitation, footwear and orthotic design, sport biomechanics, injury prevention, and fall prevention.

“We look forward to testing the role of both gait and balance in the stratification of patients with cardiovascular disease in order to better understand the quality and usability of an integrated foot pressure measurement system as a tool in precision medicine,” said Calum MacRae, MD, PhD, chief, Cardiovascular Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “Our goal is to determine if there is a skeletal muscle signature that defines patients with increased perioperative risk or with specific subsets of vascular disease or heart failure.”

“We are very excited about Brigham and Women’s Hospital decision to use the Orpyx LogR in this study. Their reputation and history of innovation provides a unique opportunity to extend the utility of our novel technology and provide continued demonstration of the broader application of our platform in increasingly diverse clinical settings,” said Dr. Breanne Everett, CEO of Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.

About Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.
Orpyx is a wearable pressure sensor technology company focused on medical applications. To start, Orpyx’s primary intention is to address the world’s growing epidemic of diabetes and its associated complications, most notably, peripheral neuropathy, which leads to lack of circulation, numbness, or loss of protective sensation, in the feet. This problem leads to the development of foot sores-or ulcers-which can ultimately lead to amputation and death infection and ulcers in the feet, also known as peripheral neuropathy. This problem affects upwards of 60% of diabetics over the course of their disease and costs the North American health care system over $16.4 billion annually.

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