Orpyx to compete in prestigious Pitch@Palace Commonwealth Competition

Company will represent Canada in competition with entrepreneurs from other Commonwealth countries

London, UK, April 5, 2018  – Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. has been selected to compete in the finals of the Pitch@Palace Commonwealth Competition as part of the Commonwealth Summit. Orpyx will pitch for investment alongside entrepreneurs from Commonwealth countries at St. James’s Palace on April 16, 2018.

Pitch@Palace Commonwealth is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and early stage businesses from each of the 53 Commonwealth countries to pitch to CEOs, influencers, mentors, potential investors and business partners. Pitch@Palace was established to guide and support entrepreneurs in the development of their innovation. The theme for Pitch@Palace Commonwealth is “Human Tech – Benefits for Humanity” and will showcase companies that have developed innovative technologies to build a healthier and more sustainable future for mankind.

“I am humbled that Orpyx has been selected to represent Canada at such a prestigious pitch competition.” said Dr. Breanne Everett, co-founder and CEO of Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. “This is a great opportunity to showcase Orpyx to a wider international audience and representing Canada’s innovation economy is a tremendous honour.”

The Pitch@Palace Commonwealth winner and runners-up will be selected by audience vote. A Pitch@Palace People’s Choice Award will also be announced on April 16, 2018, as voted for by the public starting April 6, 2018.

About Pitch@Palace
The Duke of York founded Pitch@Palace in 2014 to provide a platform to amplify and accelerate the work of Entrepreneurs. Since the initiative was set up, it has helped over 500 start-up businesses, creating 1,865 new jobs and generating over £541 million of new economic activity. Pitch@Palace guides, helps and connects entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses with potential supporters, including CEOs, influencers, angels, mentors and business partners. Pitch@Palace aims to: create introductions to mentors and advisers; through its audiences, provide access to distribution systems and supply chains; make connections; and help with investment.

About Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.
Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. (“Orpyx”) is a wearable pressure sensor technology company focused on medical applications. Orpyx’s primary intention is to address the world’s growing epidemic of diabetes and its associated complications, most notably, peripheral neuropathy, which leads to lack of circulation, numbness, or loss of protective sensation, in the feet. This problem leads to the development of foot ulcers which can ultimately lead to amputation and death infection and ulcers in the feet, also known as peripheral neuropathy. Additionally, this problem affects upwards of 60% of diabetics over the course of their disease and costs the North American health care system over $16.4 billion annually.

For more information, please contact:
Chan Mean
Marketing Manager, Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc.
+1 403 460 0216 ext. 501