Orpyx’s LogR Steps Up for Athletes

The Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet Reviews Orpyx’s LogR System

CALGARY, AB October 27, 2015The LogR from Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. (“Orpyx”) was featured on The Discovery Channel’s hit television series, Daily Planet. The LogR system is a mobile kit targeted for research-focused plantar pressure measurement – collecting data in real time, in the real world. Samuel Blades, PhD candidate from the University of Victoria’s Department of Exercise was approached by the television station to record a segment on his applied sports science research. As described in the segment, the progress made to date is nothing short of “revolutionary”.

Alongside Canadian top athlete Hillary Stellingwerff, Blades discussed the importance of runners to assess how the foot is interacting with the ground underneath them, analyze the patterns and unveil areas of the foot that may pose a certain risk. Most athletes do not run on the fancy treadmills that can be found in a lab setting; they are outdoors, which is where Orpyx’s LogR system provides a superior measurement system.

The LogR is a tool to accurately and efficiently measure foot pressures for analysis. Comprised of sensor embedded inserts, real-time iOs application and cloud based software for data storage and management, this system is crucial to assess overall foot and ankle health for a myriad of different applications including: gait and balance assessments, posture research, rehabilitation, footwear and orthotic, design, sport biomechanics, injury prevention, fall prevention and more.

The work done to date would not be possible without the partnership of Mitacs, Own the Podium, the University of Victoria, Canadian Sport Institute Pacific and Orpyx to provide a new opportunity for applied sport science research.  To watch the segment, click here.