Athletic Monitoring

The increasing growth in the development and use of athletic monitoring devices such as the Nike+ and Adidas miCoach systems reflect a growing market opportunity for Orpyx® sensor-based technologies. Hockey, golf and running are three key areas that have been identified as being amendable to plantar pressure monitoring and particularly apt for vertical growth in the athletic industry. Up to 79% of runners in North America sustain an injury in a given year. High plantar pressure is associated with increased risk of ankle inversion and injury which, along with other running injuries, can cost Canadians billions of dollars in health care costs each year (Lun, Meeuwisse, Stergiou, & Stefanyshyn, 2003). Custom orthotics designed to reduce these types of injuries can cost runners upwards of $450 and only half of insurance companies will cover these costs (Spiker, 2004).

Currently, there are no commercially available devices designed to provide feedback to athletes regarding plantar pressure information. When provided with real-time feedback regarding plantar pressure, runners are able to reduce their impact loads and decrease their risk of injury. In golfers and hockey players, plantar pressure feedback is important in determining the amount of force exerted by each foot and the distribution of weight throughout the feet.

The SurroSense Rx™ and SurroGait Rx™ products would have far reaching potential for growth in this space, most notably as a live athletic diagnostic tool to enable real-time tracking and plantar pressure feedback. These pressure-sensing insert systems can record plantar force measurements for practitioner analysis, compliance monitoring and athletic assessment and optimization. Orpyx® has access to the technology required to integrate additional functionality into an athletic device such as heart rate monitoring, accelerometry, calorie counting, and activity tracking. Although Orpyx® is focusing primarily on developing its technology for healthcare applications, these diversified opportunities in the athletic self-monitoring market allow Orpyx® to remain relevant far into the future.