Embedded Systems Engineer

Job Description

Orpyx is developing monitoring systems to help improve control of disease and optimize athletic performance. Our flagship device is a self-monitoring sensory substitution designed to empower diabetics to take control of their disease and play a more active role in the prevention of complications such as foot ulcers, infection and amputation.  It is a sensor-based insole that wirelessly transmits pressure date collected from the feet to a vibrotactile back pad, essentially transposing lost sensation from the feet to the lower regions of the back. The wearer will feel as though they are 'walking on their back' and the brain will begin to rewire to accept sensory input from the lower back as that from the feet. The insole also sends feedback to a wristwatch or mobile app, alerting the wearer in real-time of dangerous plantar pressure or injury, enabling them to adjust behaviour immediately to prevent damage.

The people at Orpyx are thinkers and shakers.  We come from a variety of backgrounds and carry a variety of expertise in multiple industries, including medical, technology, software, marketing and finance.  What we all have in common is an intense passion for the work we do.  We have an extraordinary collection of talent that makes working here fun, unique and inspiring.  Our hiring goal moving forward is to continue to build and grow a strong, effective team, while maintaining our friendly and innovative company culture.

The Position

  • Working on products in various stages of their lifecycle ranging from design, production to maintenance
  • Work as part of the research and development team on creating innovative solutions in the medical device space
  • Ensure that the goals and needs of our end users and technology are met

Job Requirements

Success in this role means being part of the Orpyx R&D team while being able to work independently. You are willing to offer your suggestions and expertise to elevate each project to the best possible quality. Orpyx is a medical device innovation engine. Our brand represents efficiency, trust and self-empowerment.

You are responsible for developing embedded software for a variety of projects. These projects might include interfacing with graphic displays, wireless communication and haptic feedback. The successful candidate will be responsible for designing, testing, implementing and maintaining various embedded applications. You should thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurially minded environment. The position requires multi-functional expertise and leadership skills along with the ability to communicate effectively.

Knowledge / Background / Experience:

Electrical/Software Engineering Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent

  • Minimum 10+ years’ experience in embedded hardware design
  • Minimum 5+ years’ experience in high frequency RF design
  • Strong knowledge of 32bit embedded micro-controllers
  • Knowledge of RF testing and certification processes would be an asset
  • Knowledge of the ARM development environment would be an asset
  • Knowledge of the PIC development environment would be an asset
  • Knowledge of wireless communication protocols (BLE, ANT) would be an asset
  • Must be a self-starter and be able to work well independently

Please submit your resume and expression of interest to: careers@orpyx.com.
Orpyx is an equal opportunity employer.