Media Coverage

Calgary Herald - May 2014

Calgary-HeraldMay 15, 2014 - What should someone know about building a business in Calgary?  The Calgary Herald interviews entrepreneurs from a wide range of different industries (including Orpyx CEO Dr. Breanne Everett), on what it takes to succeed in this city.  Find the article here.

What's Your Tech - April 2014

whats-your-tecjApril 15, 2014 - What's Your Tech blogger Lee Rickwood interviewed Orpyx's CEO Dr. Breanne Everett to discuss her gender neutral business vision.  Find out why she thinks it's not about running a company like a robot!   Read the article online.

Globe and Mail - March 2014

globe-and-mailMarch 12, 2014 - The Globe and Mail interviewed Dr. Everett and other commerce students with big business to discuss their stories and advice for others.  Read the article online.

Chick Geek Blog - March 2014

Chic-GeekMarch 7, 2014 - The Chic Geek recently launched their blog "Fearless Female Founder" and interviewed Dr. Breanne Everett.  The blog highlights success, but also learns what challenges them, who their heroes are and how we can further promote in our community.  Read the post here.

DC Rainmaker - January 2014

DCRainmakerJanuary 9, 2014 - DC Rainmaker stopped by Orpyx's booth at the CES in Las Vegas.  He explores the technology and the potential for other applications.  Find the article online.

Breakfast TV - January 2014

BreakfastTVJanuary 9, 2014 - Breakfast TV's Health Specialist, Leah Sarich, discusses the problem of diabetic neuropathy and how the SurroSense Rx System, a diabetic neuropathy monitoring device for patients with decreased sensation in their feet, has the potential to help manage diabetic foot complications.  Watch the video here.

medGadget - November 2013

medgadgetNovember 13, 2013 - medGadget discusses Orpyx's foot pressure system for preventing injuries from peripheral neuropathy.  The SurroSense Rx™ system is now available for purchase in the United States. Read the article online.

Mobi Health News - November 2013

mobi-healthNovember 13, 2013 - Mobi Health News conducted a follow-up interview with Orpyx's VP Business Development & Marketing, Amanda Hehr, to announce the US commercial launch of the SurroSense Rx™ system.  Men's sizes 5-13 and women's sizes 6-12 are now available through the Orpyx website and will be shipping early December.  Read the article here.  

Avenue Magazine - October 2013

avenue-magazineSeptember 26, 2013 - The SurroSense Rx™system, which was envisioned by 2012 Top 40 Under 40 alumnus, Dr. Breanne Everett is featured in October's Avenue Magazine as a "Big Idea" topic.  Read the article here.

Podiatry Management - October 2013

podiatry-managementOctober, 2013 - Orpyx® is featured in the October edition of Podiatry Management magazine: the most influential practice management and business publication for the podiatric profession.  Learn more about the SurroSense Rx™ as we prepare for the US commercial launch later this year.  Read the article here.

Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology - September 2013


September, 2013 - Orpyx® teamed up with Dr. Reed Ferber and the rest of the fantastic team at the Running Injury Clinic at the University of Calgary to complete calibration and proof of principle studies. Read the abstract here.

eMed - July 2013

eMedJuly 16, 2013 - eMed caught up with Dr. Everett at MedCity CONVERGE, a national healthcare innovation summit in Philadelphia.  She shared her insights on approaching heavy hitters, finding employees who will thrive, and striking the balance between passion and objectivity.  Read the article here.

MedCity News - July 2013

med-cityJuly 10, 2013 - Dr. Everett was asked to speak on the "Diabetes Re-Boot" panel at the CONVERGE summit for healthcare innovation where she was joined by an esteemed panel of likeminded entrepreneurs and industry professionals.  Read the article online.

Calgary Herald - April 2013

Calgary HeraldApril 17, 2013 - The Calgary Herald has created a feature story on Orpyx® in their Technology & You section.  The article discusses diabetic foot complications, the genesis of the company, and the technology behind Orpyx®.  Read the article online.

UK Daily Express - March 2013

Daily Express UKMarch 12, 2013- After seeing Dr. Everett speak at the Royal Society of Medicine's Innovation Summit in London last month, Pat Hagan wrote a feature on the SurroSense Rx™ System. He cites the technology as "a major breakthrough for people suffering with diabetes." By 2025, it is estimated that five million people will have diabetes ( Read the article online.

MedCity News - December 2012

MedCity NewsDecember 3, 2012 - The Canadian Consulate General in New York/Philadelphia recently hosted the 4th eHealth Innovation Summit. Orpyx® was selected to participate in the cross-border mHealth extravaganza, and we had the opportunity to introduce HMO's and top hospital management teams to our wearable sensor-based technology. Read the article online.

Alberta Views Magazine - November 2012

Alberta Views MagazineNovember 1, 2012 - Alberta Views Magazine published an abridged version of Dr. Everett's "Medical Innovation" presentation at TEDxYYC on May 25th in their November issue. The event was an independently organized, local edition of the international TED TALK lecture series, where groundbreaking ideas are shared by the world's thought leaders. Read the full story here.

O&P EDGE Magazine - November 2012

O&P EDGE Magazine - November 2012November 1, 2012 - Orpyx® was thrilled to have been featured in O&P Edge. The article goes into detail about the technology and the potential the device has to enable diabetics with peripheral neuropathy to more actively manage their condition, and help prevent associated complications. Read the article online.

Avenue Magazine - November 2012

Avenue Magazine Top 40 Under 40 IssueNovember 1, 2012 - Orpyx® CEO, Dr. Breanne Everett, was recognized as one of Avenue Magazine's Top 40 Under 40. Avenue Calgary‘s Top 40 Under 40 celebrates Calgarians under the age of 40 who excel in their respective fields, give back to their community & raise the profile of the city. Read the full story here.

Alberta Venture Magazine - November 2012

Alberta Venture Magazine - November 2012November 1, 2012 - Alberta Venture Magazine recently profiled Dr. Breanne Everett in their Next Up series, a monthly column featuring emerging leaders in Alberta's business community and public life. The article goes into detail about Dr. Everett's influences and what ultimately led to the  inception of Orpyx®. Read the article online.

CTV Morning Live - November 2012

November 1, 2012 - Avenue Magazine Executive Editor, Jennifer Hamilton and Orpyx® CEO, Dr. Breanne Everett discuss this year's honourees of the Top 40 Under 40. Click here to watch the video clip.

CTV Morning Live Interview - November 2012

Edmonton Journal - October 2012

October 30, 2012 - The Edmonton Journal issued a full-page feature on the TEC VenturePrize Program in their business section. Orpyx® was included as the winner of the 2012 TEC VenturePrize student category, and spoke to the impact the win has had on business development and fund raising. Read the full article here.

Lower Extremity Review - July 2012

Lower Extremity ReviewJuly 24, 2012 - Canadian medical technology company Orpyx® will release its first product, the SurroSense Rx™, later this year, reported the company’s CEO and president, Breanne Everett, MD, a resident in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Calgary. Click here to read the full story.

mobihealthnews - July 2012

July 16, 2012 - Neil Versel reviews Orpyx® SurroSense Rx™ and SurroGait Rx™ devices on mobihealthnews, the leading provider of news, commentary, online events and research for the global mobile health community. Click here to read the full story.

medGadget Interview - June 2012

June 26, 2012 - Shiv Gaglani of medGadget interviews Orpyx® Founder, Dr. Breanne Everett, on the inspiration behind the development of the SurroGait Rx™ - A real-time plantar pressure and sensory substitution system to help diabetics with peripheral neuropathy prevent amputations. Click here to read the interview.

Genome Alberta Interview - June 2012

June 21, 2012 - Mike Spear of Genome Alberta interviews Orpyx® President & CEO, Dr. Breanne Everett, on the last day of BIO 2012 in Boston on June 20, 2012. BioAlberta sponsored a number of Alberta-based bio technology company's attendance at the internationally acclaimed biotechnology conference. The main driver for Orpyx® to attend was to facilitate partnership meetings with global pharmaceutical companies to open up new distribution opportunities.

Business in Calgary Magazine Feature - May 2012

Orpyx - Business in Calgary Magazine Profile

May 2012 - Orpyx® was interviewed by Andrea Mendizabal of Innovate Calgary for the May issue of Business in Calgary Magazine. The feature details the Orpyx® journey from inception to commercialization, and everything in between. Click here to read the article online.

CTV News Calgary - March 2012

March 20th, 2012 - CTV News Medical Watch Reporter Karen Owen recently visited Orpyx® Medical Technologies Inc. to interview Founder & CEO, Dr. Breanne Everett. Dr. Everett explains how she hopes that their technology will dramatically reduce the number of foot complications including foot ulceration, infection and lower leg amputation associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Twenty-six million Americans - and counting - are diabetics. Each year, about 71,000 lose a lower extremity, the vast majority after developing a foot ulcer. Orpyx® devices, the SurroSense Rx™ and the SurroGait Rx™, will serve as an early detection system to the patient, alerting them of any dangerous pressure areas or damage so they can immediately modify their behaviour and thus, prevent dreaded complications before they occur. Read the CTV article here.

Global TV Calgary - February 2012

February 15th, 2012 - Heather Yourex, Global TV Calgary Health Reporter, recently visited the Orpyx® Medical Technologies Inc. head office to interview founder & CEO, Dr. Breanne Everett. Dr. Everett explained how she hopes that Orpyx® technology will dramatically reduce the number of foot complications associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. After 40, at least 30% of diabetics will have lost sensation in their feet. Orpyx® devices, the SurroSense Rx™ and the SurroGait Rx™, will serve as an early detection and sensory replacement system for the patient, alerting them of any dangerous pressure or damage so they can immediately modify their behaviour and thus, prevent dreaded complications before they occur.