SurroGait Rx™ System

The Problem

The patent pending (US Publication #20120109013 and PCT WO/2012/055029) SurroGait Rx™ device is a high-tech, pressure-sensing insert that tells the user when damage is being done to the feet and provides substitute sensation for “numb” feet. The SurroGait Rx™ system includes a high-resolution pressure-sensing insert and a low-profile, ergonomic back display. Pressure information collected in the shoe is wirelessly sent in real-time to the back display. The back display transposes sensation that would otherwise be felt on the foot onto the back, so that the user can “feel” his or her feet through the back. With practice, through the incredible phenomenon of neuroplasticity, the user will “rewire” his or her brain so that interpreting the feeling on the back is second nature. This device is intended to not only prevent and treat the complications of peripheral neuropathy, but also to enable improved gait and balance, and decrease the risk of falls inherent to the problem of not being able to properly feel the feet.

Clinical trials will commence in 2013 through the Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance led by Dr. David Armstrong. Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter to stay up to date on company milestones, product release information and any relevant industry news.

Our Solution

The SurroGait Rx™ uses a sensor grid to measure pressure over the bottom of the foot. Using a wireless communication profile this data is then transmitted to a back-display. A low-power processor is then used to analyze the data and convert it into a signal that can be used to stimulate the lower back. Using this stimulus the patient is able to feel the pressure exerted on the feet in a 1-to-1 fashion. A lightweight battery and state-of-the-art electronics in the back display allow the system to be ergonomic and low-profile to reduce visual impact of the device. A wristband display or mobile device can be used to control the intensity of the stimulus, as well as monitor battery life and pressure information.