Help prevent limb loss

If you have peripheral neuropathy, a lack of real-time feedback from your feet can cause irreversible damage in just 15 minutes. SurroSense Rx™ can help eliminate that risk.

What is the SurroSense Rx™ and how can it help me?

Our proprietary technology enables you to monitor the daily pressure on your feet.
It gives you a powerful tool to manage your health. Simply. Easily.


Comfortable sensor-embedded shoe inserts capture pressure data from your feet while you go about your normal day.


The pressure data is then wirelessly transmitted from the shoe inserts to a smartwatch.


Your smartwatch alerts you when dangerous time and pressure levels are detected, so you can modify behavior and avoid damage.


You can track your progress with an Orpyx Connect account. Our digital charts and data tracking help you avoid medical complications.

SurroSense Rx™ System SurroSense Rx™ System
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SurroSense Rx™ System

$799.99 USD

Money Back Guarantee

The SurroSense Rx™ system is comprised of pressure-sensing inserts worn inside of your shoes. When dangerous time and pressure thresholds are detected, you’re notified via smartwatch. The system also tracks and stores data to give you ongoing insight into what’s happening underfoot.

Your purchase includes:

  1. SurroSense Rx™ Shoe Pod (2)
  2. SurroSense Rx™ Insert (2)
  3. SurroSense Rx™ Smartwatch

  4. USB Charging Cable (2)
  5. Smartwatch Charging Cable
  6. AC Adaptor

  7. Get Started Guide

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Orders ship in 4-6 weeks. The SurroSense Rx system is currently available in North America. For international order inquiries, please contact Orpyx Customer Care at

To size your SurroSense Rx™ system please use the guides below.

Sizing charts

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