Help Prevent Foot Ulcers with Real-Time Feedback


Neuropathy can cause a loss of feeling in the feet.  Stay connected to your feet to help prevent ulceration with the SurroSense Rx™ System

  • Pressure data is collected from the foot through a sensor-embedded insert worn in the shoe
  • The system wirelessly sends information to a smartwatch that provides feedback from the feet
  • When dangerous pressure levels have been detected the smartwatch alerts the user, so that behaviour can be changed and damage avoided
  • Track progress with a personalized Orpyx Connect Account. Use online charts to gain insight on what's happening underfoot

The Problem

The SurroSense Rx™ system was developed to address a common complication of diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, which affects upwards of 65% of diabetics over the course of their disease.  The inability to sense and respond to sustained pressure can cause the development of debilitating complications including blisters and ulcers which can lead to surgical amputation.  With proper intervention, neuropathic foot ulceration is a largely preventable complication.  Find out if the SurroSense Rx™ system is right for you here or check out our FAQ page.

Our Technology

The patent pending SurroSense Rx™ system is comprised of high-tech pressure-sensing inserts and smartwatch that provides direct feedback from the feet.  The user is notified when they have exceeded recommended plantar pressure and are provided with offloading instructions so that behaviour can be changed and damage avoided.  The system also tracks data over time through a web-based portal so the user can monitor their progress and improve metrics.  Subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter to stay up to date on company milestones, product information and any relevant industry news.