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Orpyx® is the global leader for in-shoe plantar pressure sensing technology that is mobile, simple to use and clinically accurate.

SurroSense Rx®

A wearable system that’s incredibly simple to use. SurroSense Rx is a highly innovative plantar sensory replacement system, to help actively manage the complications associated with peripheral neuropathy and track user progress.

Actively monitor your feet for dangerous pressure conditions

Alerts of dangerous pressure conditions are wirelessly transmitted to the included smartwatch

The thin pressure sensitive shoe inserts fit unnoticeable in most running and walking shoes

Orpyx LogR™

Orpyx LogR is a modern solution designed for the accurate, efficient, and real-time measurement of foot and plantar pressure analysis. The system is used by researchers in a variety of different applications that include footwear and orthotic design, biomechanics, sports performance, gait and balance assessments, posture research, rehabilitation, injury prevention, fall prevention, and more.

Fast and zero hassle: just a quick 5 minute setup and you’re ready to start using Orpyx LogR

Extremely lightweight (1.0 mm-thick in-shoe sensor array insert), portable, and can be used in conjunction with either standard or custom arch supports.

The system records plantar pressure and IMU data, which can be analyzed and processed in the LogR Cloud software once uploaded

SurroGait™ Rx

The SurroGait Rx system is indicated to improve mobility and balance in Multiple Sclerosis patients experiencing a loss of protective sensation in the feet. The SurroGait Rx is designed to enable improved gait and balance and decrease the risk of falls inherent to the problem of not being able to properly feel the feet.

The system is comprised of sensor-embedded inserts that are worn inside running or walking shoes, and an ergonomic back display worn on the user’s back

Information collected from the insert is wirelessly sent to the back display, which transposes sensation that would otherwise be felt on the foot, so that the user can “feel” their feet through the back

Designed to improve gait and balance and decrease the risk of falls

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