The latest from Orpyx

On November 12, 2013 the Ward of the 21st Century ("W21C") hosted its first Innovation Academy.  In partnership with an international network, this event focused on identifying and nurturing health innovations that will contribute to the improvement of health service safety and quality of care both now and in the future.

W21C followed up with Orpyx to get an update on their progress over the past year.  Watch the update here.

Orpyx Gives Online Visitors A Warmer Welcome

CALGARY, AB August 13, 2015 – Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. (“Orpyx”) is pleased to announce the launch of its fully revamped website: The website has been redesigned with our customer needs in mind. We’ve focused on making the site easier to navigate, more impactful and providing greater support resources.

A big part of our mission is to make wearable health technologies available and accessible to the people who need them the most – the patients. The Orpyx website assists patients with peripheral neuropathy, their families and their providers in making well-informed decisions regarding their care plans. The website features Orpyx’s flagship product, the SurroSense Rx™ system, which is a tool to help actively prevent the complications relating to peripheral neuropathy, aid in the healing of existing complications and track progress.

Of course, the launch of our redesigned website is just the beginning. We will be continuing to improve the content, features and resources in the near and distant future.


Orpyx is a wearable pressure sensor technology company focused on medical applications. To start, Orpyx’s primary intention is to address the world’s growing epidemic of diabetes and its associated complications, most notably, lack of circulation, numbness, infection and ulcers in the feet, also known as peripheral neuropathy. This problem affects upwards of 60% of diabetics over the course of their disease and costs the health care system over $14 billion annually.

 The SurroSense Rx system is a tool to help actively prevent the complications associated with peripheral neuropathy, aid in the healing of existing complications and track progress. The system is comprised of pressure-sensing inserts that wirelessly transmit feedback to the user via smartwatch or mobile application. The display alerts the user as to when pressure-induced damage is occurring so that behaviour can be proactively changed and devastating complications avoided.

 In addition to the benefits of having real-time feedback, the system also tracks compliance and performance metrics over time so that the patient and primary care team can monitor progress and adjust care recommendations accordingly.

Orpyx was recently mentioned in the July 2015 edition of the Lower Extremity Review.  At the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot in the Netherlands, pressure offloading was a hot topic.  Lower Extremity Review author, Cary Groner, provides a synopsis of the conference and what clinicians are suggestion for best practice recommendations on offloading.  They also discuss Orpyx's smart insoles!  Read the full article here.