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Our mission, our company and our future

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Orpyx® has created a wearable sensor platform to enable life-changing health tools and empower patients & practitioners through data analytics.

What’s with the name?

Our platform enables a proxy feedback system. Orpyx is an anagram of proxy. Clever, huh?

Why we're here

Orpyx came into existence to help address a huge problem that medicine and surgery face on a daily basis — the problem of diabetes and complications of diabetes. Many of these problems stem from one of the main complications of diabetes, “peripheral neuropathy” (or, numb feet). Without feedback, people are unaware when damage is being done and complications develop.

In Canada and the US, 7% of people are diagnosed with diabetes; half of all diabetics develop peripheral neuropathy. We often wait until complications develop before anything is (or can be) done. Orpyx was born out of trying to find a preventative (not reactionary) solution to this problem.

Where we're going

Orpyx looks to the next five years with the objective of becoming the world leader in innovating and developing wearable sensor-based technologies and sensory substitution systems that provide consumers with quality solutions to better cope with disease and improve overall quality of life.

We see a vision for big data in health care that goes beyond capture and amalgamation and into sophisticated data analytics that will enhance performance in athletes, vastly improve the quality of life in those suffering from degenerative diseases, and create better outcomes for broad populations through sophisticated high tech care.

Our leadership team

Dr. Breanne Everett, MD, MBA


Dr. Breanne Everett is the CEO (and Director) of Orpyx, as well as a Medical Doctor and resident in the department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Calgary. Seeing the burden that diabetic foot complications pose on both patients and the healthcare system, and with the goal of addressing these issues, she founded Orpyx.

Lew Turnquist


Lew Turnquist has served in an advisory capacity Orpyx since 2012 and now leads its operations as the company executes its growth strategy. He has over 25 years of operational and transactional experience in technology companies. He was most recently the senior managing partner at Kirchner Private Capital Group, a US-based boutique merchant bank, where he led the firm's transactions (M&A) and operational advisory practices.

Travis Stevens, P.Eng

VP Engineering

Travis Stevens has over 8 years of commercial software development experience ranging from embedded systems to medical imaging software. Travis managed a development team building medical imaging software for some of the world's largest OEM companies. Travis has a BSc. in Computer Engineering and a MSc. in Electrical Engineering.

John Jahrstorfer

VP Sales & Marketing

John Jahrstorfer has spent close to 15 years leading sales of healthcare-related products in pharmaceutical, medical device, wound care and medical IT companies such as Pfizer and International Computerware. Using his strong network in US podiatry practices, John leads Orpyx's sales and marketing initiatives through commercial launch and beyond.

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