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Orpyx has received many awards and accolades worldwide. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop innovating.

Below you'll find details about the Orpyx Connect™ platform, the life-changing products it's enabling, and our latest thinking about how the patients and users we serve can live healthier lives by employing breakthrough technologies.

The Orpyx Connect™ platform

The SurroSense Rx® isn’t just a product. It’s powered by Orpyx Connect™, a flexible, robust platform that paves the way for countless life-changing health tools that empower the user through data analytics.

Wearable technology has exploded over the last decade but true life-altering impacts have yet to be realized. The opportunity begins at being able to act on real-time health data but extends far beyond – to the ability to prevent catastrophic medical outcomes and save lives.

The SurroSense platform is the foundational enabler for the work Orpyx is doing in this area. It will span broadly from athletic monitoring and performance enhancement (e.g. in running, golf, football, etc.) through gait & balance retraining and into medical pressure monitoring of various kinds. The platform will enable better performance and medical outcomes both on the personal level (for individual users and patients) and at a macro data analytical level, where entire populations will benefit from more sophisticated understanding of how to prevent injuries and optimize performance.

SurroGait™ Rx

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The SurroGait Rx device is an extension of the platform technology measuring plantar pressure for sensory substitution.

The SurroGait Rx device provides substitute sensation for "numb" feet. The SurroGait Rx system includes a high-resolution pressure-sensing insert and a low-profile, ergonomic back display. Pressure information collected from the insert is wirelessly sent in real-time to the back display. The back display transposes sensation that would otherwise be felt on the foot onto the back, so that the user can "feel" their feet through the back. With practice, through the incredible phenomenon of neuroplasticity, the user will "rewire" his or her brain so that interpreting the feeling on the back is second nature. This device is intended not only to prevent and treat complications of peripheral neuropathy, but also enable improved gait and balance and decrease the risk of falls inherent to the problem of not being able to properly feel the feet with potential applications including stroke rehabilitation and lower extremity amputation.

Orpyx has teamed up with esteemed biomechanics researchers at the Human Performance Lab (University of Calgary) to complete clinical validation studies for the SurroGait Rx system. For the latest updates on this clinical trial see here.