Orpyx LogR™

Real-time measurement of plantar pressure for analysis by researchers

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No tether, computer, or lab required.

If you have an iOS device, you’re ready to go. The Orpyx LogR solution works by using a thin sensor-embedded array that is worn underfoot. Real-time sensor measurements are streamed to the Orpyx LogR app.

Easy to use

The sensor-embedded inserts fit inside any running or walking shoes. They are so comfortable, you won't even realize they're inside the shoe.


No wires or plugs necessary: LogR runs off Bluetooth™ Low Energy, and can broadcast up to 10 meters.

Long-life battery

The battery is rechargeable using an off-the-shelf USB charger, and lasts approximately 8-12 hours of active use.

LogR Cloud

Orpyx’s Cloud allows for simple data accessibility. Data can be pulled for a given session or data range and can be exported in multiple formats.

Our LogR app is simple but powerful.

Collect sensor measurements on a session basis. Configure settings for the paired device. Push data to the Orpyx LogR Cloud infrastructure for additional processing and storage.

8 pressure sensors per insole

Measurement range: 0–75 PSI • Scanning frequency: 100Hz

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