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Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that results in loss of feeling in the feet. This inability to sense and respond to tissue damage can lead to the development of blisters and ulcers, which can lead to surgical amputation. The SurroSense Rx enables patients to track the real-time impact of pressure on their feet and gives practitioners access to a valuable data suite. It's a simple, but powerful new tool to mitigate the negative impacts of neuropathy and inform a more comprehensive approach to preventative treatment.

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Identify trends and track patient progress

Using Orpyx Connect™, our proprietary online data dashboard, patients can track key areas of their health, including frequency and locations of alerts related to dangerous foot pressure and how effectively they were addressed (offloaded) in real time. In aggregate the data suite provides new ways to identify and address issues when caring for patients with peripheral neuropathy.

Practitioner FAQ

What is the SurroSense Rx system?

The SurroSense Rx is a system to actively prevent complications underfoot caused by aberrant pressures underfoot and track progress. The system is comprised of pressure-sensing inserts and smartwatch that alert the user when safe pressure and time thresholds have been exceeded so that behavior can be changed to help avoid damage.

How does it work?

Pressure data is collected from the foot through a sensor-embedded insert worn inside of a patient's shoe. The system alerts the patient when dangerous time and pressure thresholds have been detected, so that behaviour can be changed and damage avoided. Performance data is tracked through the patient's Orpyx Connect account which can be shared with their healthcare provider for enhanced disease management.

Who is the target patient?

All patients with suffering from sensory loss underfoot would benefit from the feedback provided by the SurroSense Rx device; however, patients who are in a secondary prevention phase of disease management are ideal candidates for the system.

How often are they expected to use it?

The system should be worn to complement their existing care regime; therefore, as frequently as you suggest that they wear their shoes – we suggest the wear their SurroSense Rx system.

How can patients retrieve Orpyx Connect data?

Patients are highly recommended to share their performance data with their healthcare provider in order to foster a more collaborative healthcare environment. The patient is able to save, email and print their data in order to share easily with their care provider.

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