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If you're worried about suffering foot ulcers or amputation due to sensory loss, we can help.

Sensory loss

Peripheral neuropathy leads to a disconnect between the information produced by the pressure on someone's feet and what their brain recognizes is happening.

Dangerous pressure

An inability to recognize the pressure being placed upon the feet can create the conditions for serious problems, particularly for diabetic patients.

Foot ulcers

Foot ulcers can occur as a result of loss of protective sensation and coordination of muscle groups in the foot. Diabetic foot lesions are responsible for more hospitalizations than any other complication of diabetes.


The results of neuropathy can be catastrophic. Up to 1% of diabetics will lose a limb as a result of peripheral neuropathy.

The SurroSense Rx can stop this process in its tracks

Take control of your health with a technology system that's incredibly simple to use.


Comfortable sensor-embedded shoe inserts capture pressure data from your feet while you go about your normal day.


The pressure data is then wirelessly transmitted from the shoe inserts to a smartwatch.


Your smartwatch alerts you when dangerous time and pressure levels are detected, so you can modify behavior and avoid damage.


You can track your progress with an Orpyx Connect account. Our digital charts and data tracking help you avoid medical complications.

Don't take our word for it

Patients and physicians have great things to say about the freedom SurroSense Rx provides.


SurroSense Rx®

  • The SurroSense Rx system is comprised of pressure-sensing inserts worn inside of your shoes. When dangerous time and pressure thresholds are detected, you’re notified via smartwatch. The system also tracks and stores data to give you ongoing insight into what’s happening underfoot. Your purchase includes:

    1. SurroSense Rx Shoe Pod (2)
    2. SurroSense Rx Insert (2)
    3. SurroSense Rx Smartwatch

    4. Required Charging Cables & AC Adaptor
    5. Get Started Guide
  • The inserts fit inside of your shoe underneath your existing insole or custom orthotic. For that reason, many users find that they need a smaller size as compared with their regular shoe size. If you normally wear a half size (e.g. Men's Size 11.5), you should round down and purchase the smaller size.

    Click here for insert sizing guide

  • The SurroSense Rx system is currently available in North America. For international orders, please fill out the form below or contact

  • How it Works

      • If the user of a SurroSense Rx® system ulcerates while properly using the SurroSense Rx®, Orpyx® will provide reimbursement.
      • Reimbursement is for pro-rated value of the system over the first year of ownership.
      • Claims can be submitted via Orpyx® Customer Care.
      • Subject to conditions

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