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What if wearables could change lives? At Orpyx®, our guiding philosophy is to use sensor-based technologies to measure the “kinesome” – a body of movement data, collected from various wearable sensors, which can be used to deduce insights about an individual’s activity and their health status over time.

SurroSense Rx®

Limb loss isn’t inevitable. Help prevent diabetic foot ulcers and track progress. Get your feet back on track with the SurroSense Rx.

Orpyx LogR

Accurate, efficient, and real-time measurement of foot and plantar pressure analysis. 100% mobile, durable and reusable, no tether, computer or lab required.

Recent News

Orpyx Launches LogR™ Gen 2 Plantar Pressure System

The Orpyx LogR™ is a clinical grade plantar pressure measurement solution, making data collection outside the lab simpler and faster without compromising data quality. With 37 pressure sensors and a 9-axis IMU sampled at a frequency of 256Hz, LogR sets a high standard for data quality. The LogR inserts are light and low profile making it comfortable to wear and perfect for real world monitoring while high durability allows them to be reusable.

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Orpyx awarded at Pitch@Palace Commonwealth Competition

Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. is proud to announce that it was named as the one of the winners of the Pitch@Palace Commonwealth Competition, ranking as the first runner up. The event took place as part of the Commonwealth Summit and saw entrepreneurs from across the Commonwealth come together at St. James’s Palace on April 16, 2018.

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